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Why I won’t vote for a Democrat this fall

By Jerry Harlow

To the Editor:

There is one disaster we Virginians need to avoid.  That is to allow Gov. “Infanticide” [Ralph] Northam and his two clones to have a majority in both the House and Senate.

We must remember a Democrat’s bill in 2019 that would have allowed abortion in the third trimester through delivery (House Bill 2491). Then Northam goes on to state that the newborn would be kept comfortable while a decision was made on its life. Can we allow people like this to run our state?

After disarming law-abiding citizens’ right to protect themselves by declaring government buildings “gun-free zones,” we have a mass shooting that Northam uses to try to eliminate our Second Amendment rights. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens is the Democrats’ motto this year. Yet even a fool can see that they have created criminals who no longer fear anything they do in “gun-free zones.” If the Democrats gain control, our Constitutional rights will be attacked.

I have heard Ms. [Juanita Jo] Matkins state her opinion of our Confederate ancestors at a public hearing. Should the Democrats gain control, they will purge our Virginia history due to their ignorance, just as Northam is doing in his anti-Confederate, history-renaming movement to remove resignation pressure (after denying a racist blackface episode only to admit it later). Our monuments to our forefathers who fought to defend our sovereign state from an invading horde will be wiped out. Even our Revolutionary War heroes will be taken down.

The Dems promise that schools will be their top priority (everything is their top priority). We spend $13,000 per student in Louisa. Will another $1,000 each for the 4,000 students do the trick?  Another $4,000,000 for the taxpayers? How about $2,000 each, another $8 million?

I attended school in Louisa and was taught out of used textbooks in a non-air conditioned building with poor heat, and certainly no computers and internet. Yet I feel I received a very good education from caring teachers. I support teachers making decent wages for what they put up with today, but doubt these large increases will ever reach them.

And lastly, the Dems’ top priority is health care. The last time they tried, my insurance rates tripled. I retired early, because I felt I was working for nothing; I’ll rephrase that, I was working for those who wouldn’t work. My health insurance was priced at over $12,000 a year. Yet illegal aliens fill up our hospitals and emergency rooms and pay nothing.

I could not afford the $12,000-plus, so I went with a sharing plan. I went to see a doctor at the University of Virginia. It cost me $300 for five minutes. I asked for the insurance discount and was told I was ineligible. This is the same hospital that filed 36,000 lawsuits over six years to seize the property, bank accounts, paychecks, and homes of patients, including UVA employees and students.

Guess who oversees UVA’s board? None other than Northam, who keeps talking about “affordable health care” as all Dems do, but not for working people.

Please, don’t do us any more favors. We can’t afford them. My family will be voting for incumbents Delegate John McGuire and Senator Bryce Reeves to keep some sanity in Virginia.

Jerry Harlow


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