Jan 7, 2020      Press Release      

McGuire Protects Virginian’s Second Amendment Rights By Introducing Two New Bills To The General Assembly

Goochland County, VA – Republican John McGuire, a former Navy SEAL, Delegate for Virginia’s 56th district and candidate for Congress in VA-07, has introduced two new bills in the General Assembly for the upcoming term that further codify Virginian’s Second Amendment rights.

The first bill Delegate McGuire has introduced is “Constitutional Carry”. This allows law-abiding citizens who are otherwise cleared to carry a firearm to not be burdened by having to obtain, renew and carry additional permits in order to conceal a weapon.

“Responsible gun-owners who have already passed Virginia’s requirements for owning a gun would be allowed to conceal carry that weapon in areas where guns can be carried. This increases the number of law-abiding, responsibly armed citizens in public places. Sixteen other states have passed Constitutional Carry laws, because they realize that during the unthinkable, seconds matter – and innocent bystanders quickly become the first line of defense” said John McGuire.

In addition to Constitutional Carry, John McGuire has also introduced “Waiving Sovereign Immunity”. This bill would require the Commonwealth of Virginia and any other locality to “waive its sovereign immunity as it relates to any injuries sustained by persons lawfully present in a firearm-free zone.”

In gun-free zones, citizens are giving up their Second Amendment right of self-protection and are entirely dependent on the State or locality to keep them safe. If gun-free zones are so effective, then there should not be a constraint on suing the government if an injury does occur.

“These are basic, commonsense approaches that allow all law-abiding Virginians the ability to utilize their Second Amendment rights and will make government think twice about unreasonable laws.  Its time the Democrats in Richmond stop talking about gun confiscation, but actually work to ensure that law-abiding citizens’ rights are not infringed upon” concluded McGuire.

John McGuire was born and raised in Henrico County. Following graduation, John’s call to service led him to the U.S. Navy.  After ten years of service as a Navy SEAL, he settled back down in Virginia where he founded a small business, SEAL Team PT Inc., a fitness company. Now more than two decades later, that company helps train Division 1 athletes and corporations all over the world.

In 2017, John was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates as a representative for District 56, which covers Goochland, Louisa and parts of Henrico and Spotsylvania counties. John has fought for lower taxes and better services for our veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.  A staunch defendant of the Second Amendment, he has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and received an “A” rating. He also has been endorsed by the VCDL and received a “100%” rating.