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John McGuire Q&A

1) Why should residents of your district vote for you?

I grew up Henrico. I was abandoned by my mother at the age of five. I spent some time in foster care, went to nine different elementary schools, and graduated from Henrico High School. I have spent most of my life here, raised children here, and started a business here.

I served our country for 10 years as a Navy SEAL and then started a business in the area 20 years ago. I learned first-hand the challenges of making payroll while facing the burden of government regulation. Two years ago, the voters elected me to represent them in the General Assembly.

We brought a team together to solve problems instead of playing partisan games. As I told this newspaper last time, I am not interested in partisan politics and I remain committed to that mission. Our team has remained focused on bringing people together to solve problems for everyday citizens of our district.

We helped give teachers a five percent pay raise without raising your taxes while balancing the budget.  We honored veterans by creating a free veteran’s ID; something that failed for the previous 10 years.

We successfully assisted a citizen who owned the Goochland drive-in theater. negotiate government regulations so he could fairly market his business without costing the state 100 million dollars. That was an eight-year problem we solved in my first week.

Our team brought legislators on both sides of the aisle together to pass a bipartisan bill that has helped cut down opioid deaths in Virginia.  My personal favorite victory we had was helping a Vietnam Veteran fly his flag again after making national news 20 years ago when the Court told him to take down his flagpole. The best part is we achieved many of these victories without legislation, but instead brought people together to find common sense solution as a team.


2) What will be your top focus if elected?

Job creation and economic growth is one of the most important issue facing the Commonwealth. By encouraging economic growth through low taxes, we can create higher paying jobs and lift more people out of poverty.

3) What are the most critical issues: 1) facing your district? 2) facing the state? How do you propose to address these?

Jobs and the economy is one of the most important issues facing the state as I mentioned before, but I would also say the Opioid crisis is one of the most critical issues facing the state. The Opioid crisis has devastated Virginia with more deaths than gun violence and car accidents. Over-prescription of pills and drug trafficking over the Southern border have contributed to this epidemic and it sickens me to see. As mentioned before, I passed a bill that helps reduce opioid overdose deaths, but much more needs to be done. Education is also a critical issue facing my state and the district. On education, my priorities are raising teacher pay/teacher retention, putting more money into the classroom, eliminate SOL testing, expanding and improving CTE, and community business relationships. We need to ensure our children are prepared for the future.


4) How will you involve citizens in state government matters?

I engage with citizens every day whether it be at local events or knocking doors. A lot of my bills are ideas that came from everyday citizens I represent. I would encourage anyone with an idea or a problem that needs to be solved to reach out to me and my team and together, we can do something about it.

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