Pro-Business Reforms:

As a local small business owner for the last 22 years, John understands the obstacles holding businesses back in our area. John wants to help businesses grow, create jobs, and invest in our communities by cutting taxes and removing regulatory hurdles.


Support Tax Policies That Are Favorable to Our Citizens and Businesses:

Virginia’s economic growth rate has trailed the national average for five straight years. We must act and support economic development by reducing burdens on our hardworking taxpayers. As your Delegate, John will oppose any measure to increase personal and business taxes.


Support for Public Safety:

As a former Navy SEAL and father of five, John knows exactly what it takes to keep our homes and families safe. John will fight the online exploitation of children and fight the growing threat of gangs on our streets. John will work tirelessly to prevent substance abuse disorders and help those in recovery to get back on their feet.

Support Initiatives to Reform our Education System:

As a father of five, John understands our children are our most valuable resource. John understands now is the time to prepare our students for the jobs of the 21st Century. We must fix the one-size-fits-all education system that has failed, and embrace a diverse range of school choice options that allow the student and their parents to choose the education that best fits their needs.

Support Overhauling Our Health Care System:

John wants to cut burdensome regulations that limit competition, inflate health care costs, and reduces access to health care providers – particularly in rural areas like Louisa and Goochland. John is committed to overhauling our current health care regulatory system so that patient’s wellbeing will be our top priority.

Support Our Law Enforcement and First Responders:

As your Delegate, one of John’s top priorities is advocating for all first responders. Police, firefighters, and EMTs work tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to ensure our safety. We need to equip our public stewards with the tools and resources they need to keep us safe. John will work with our local communities to provide the compensation and benefits our First Responders and Law Enforcement deserve.

Support Our Veterans and Their Families:

As a former Navy SEAL, no one will fight harder for our veterans and their families than John. The Commonwealth of Virginia currently taxes veterans’ retirement benefits while neighboring states like North Carolina do not. We are losing valuable and skilled members of our communities to North Carolina because of their favorable tax structure. John believes in removing the tax burden on our veterans. John will work to ensure Veterans and their families receive their earned benefits and will work with our local business leaders to create job opportunities for our returning veterans. In his first two years in office, John successfully fought for the Virginia veterans ID on drivers licenses, ending a 10 year legislative struggle.

Support Broadband Expansion:

As your Delegate, John is advocating for broadband expansion throughout the 56th District. John understands we must promote infrastructure modernization to enhance our students learning experiences, help existing businesses grow, attract new business, and increase jobs in our district.

Support Programs to Eradicate the Opioid Crisis:

John has spoken with voters throughout the district on the opioid crisis. He has met families who have experienced unimaginable loss. Opioid addiction has spread through the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, including the 56th District. John passed bipartisan legislation that was widely supported by Virginia teachers, nurses, doctors, and the McShin Foundation.