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Del. McGuire answers questions at local forum

Del. John McGuire declined to pledge to listeners at the Louisa County Farm Bureau dinner on Oct. 19 that he would complete a second term in office if he is re-elected next month.

“I will say this: God has a plan, and I’m going to follow God,” McGuire said.

McGuire, a Republican, made the comment to answer a question from the audience at Christopher Run Campground on Lake Anna about his future plans. He is running for a second two-year term representing the 56th district in the Virginia House of Delegates. About 100 people, most of them farmers, attended the event.

The question may have been in response to recent speculation that McGuire is interested in a campaign in 2020 against Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger.

McGuire’s challenger, Juanita Jo Matkins, a Democrat, answered the same question at the Farm Bureau event, saying she would complete her two years in office if elected.

The speculation was fueled in part by a published report earlier this fall that a volunteer for Spanberger posted numerous vitriolic and vulgar comments about McGuire on social media pages, and the delegate’s response.

The report indicated that while the volunteer also trolled other Republicans online, he seemed especially focused on McGuire.

Spanberger said she had been unaware of the comments, and that she no longer welcomed the volunteer’s assistance. However, her campaign’s Twitter account only unfollowed the volunteer after receiving media inquiries, according to the report.

“I am just disappointed Spanberger has to stoop this low,” McGuire wrote on Facebook in September. “[She] has proven herself to be a hypocrite and undeserving of the title of Congresswoman.”

At the Farm Bureau dinner, Matkins touted her proposal to allow Louisa and other rural counties to seek new sources of income to pay for enhanced broadband service. She supports allowing a local tax on cigarettes and alcohol for this purpose.

Matkins cited McGuire’s vote against including Virginia in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which she said “has yielded over $4.3 billion in economic value to its member states. It’s also reduced electric bills six percent for the people in those states. That’s in contrast to what’s happened in Virginia, where, if you are on Dominion Energy, your bills have increased between $250 to $450 per year.”

McGuire said he is concerned with balancing the state budget and keeping costs down for individuals and businesses.

“People say Virginia is never in more danger than when the General Assembly is in session,” he said. “This year we stopped $1 billion in tax increases and $6 billion in bad business policy.”

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